Meditation Teachers’ School

We would like to invite new members to a five-year meditation teachers’ school. The school is run by professionals under the leadership of Navis Nord. We teach meditation in a universal, trans-denominational context. We use materials from the following traditions: Buddhist, Hindu, Sufi and Christian, as well as original materials resulting from decades of meditation practice and developed experience.

For whom?

  • For those interested in developing and deepening their understanding of themselves and the world (Sacrum and profanum),
  • For people working or wishing to work with people, supporting the development of others (e.g. educators, psychologists, coaches, teachers of yoga, tai chi, chi kung, kung-fu and body work, massage therapists, clergy),
  • For people seeking an in-depth universal, non-denominational point of view on the issue of meditation.


  • Compulsory and supplementary classes (e.g. Abhidharma philosophy),
  • Depending on your background and experience, there is a choice of thematic blocks and complementary classes,
  • Group classes and individual work with instructors and teachers,
  • The possibility of an individual programme for everyone.


Classes last for 5 years. The first degree lasts for two years and, upon completion, you can apply for the assistant instructor degree. The second degree lasts three years and allows you to apply for Navis Nord instructor authorisation.

Most classes are held on weekends and public holidays.

Price per year: 6,000 PLN. Price includes:

  • 172 hours of classes per year,
  • access to classes on the e-learning platform,
  • 50% discount on most classes at Station Nord,
  • talks and supervisions with Navis Nord and instructors,
  • training materials.

A new round of recruitment is currently underway. Those interested are welcome to contact us: