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Navis Nord

He has been leading the Station Nord Centre for Human Development in Krakow since 1992. He has been authorised by three different traditions, but he does not teach them and does not use the titles he has been given, because he believes that what is handed down by different traditions needs to be said anew in different times and places, in a language that makes it possible for modern people to assimilate the transforming content. The level of experience needs to be demonstrated by working with people, not by presenting 'certificates’ full of strange signs or terms with undefined meaning. He also has extensive experience of delivering commercial trainings in marketing, sales and management (he has delivered over 10,000 hours of such training since 1992).

Station Nord Instructor Group

Years of training

Instructor Group was created in 2011, in order to teach people who have more than 10 years of Station Nord education.


Currently, apart from Navis Nord, the classes are run by instructors under supervision who have participated in Station Nord classes for over 15 years.


Our instructors have very different scopes of experience, including: a PhD in psychology, a psychotherapist, a business coach, people who run their own businesses, a senior manager in the financial industry.

Join us for free meditation webinars and workshops, one-day classes on a variety of topics and meditation retreats held:
✦ during the Christmas and New Year’s Eve period
✦ the week before Easter
✦ in the first half of July.


where we run classes


most classes are held here


a part of our classes are also held online


courses twice a year


courses twice a year

We also organise courses in other locations, such as Rzeszów, Lublin, Opole, Wrocław.

Discover Navis Nord's books

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Here are some of the topics from our books:

Love and personal relationships

Goal management and professional success

meditation and mindfulness

developing mindfulness

making sense of life

Navis Nord is the author of more than a dozen items in the broad field of personal and spiritual development. His books are a great illustration of a holistic approach to development:
✦ without simplifications,
✦ no generalisations,
✦ lots of specifics and examples,
to make it easier to apply the knowledge in practice.